Foot Health Tips

Springer insoles, Active instead of passive, now in Canada!

Generally you detect poor foot alignment issues, when you start experiencing pain in locations you normally would not. Once detected you would treat the issues by buying insoles which correct the alignment. Those insoles are replaced regularly as the foot grows, corrections happen or insole wear.

Pierre Bujold has brought to New Brunswick breakthrough springer insole technology from Germany to help Canadians. Springer Sensorimotor insoles help correct alignment by sending impulses to the brain which in turn causes the brain to correct the foots alignment, each signal is based on pressure points along the insole, the area sends a different signal to help the body correct the alignment.

Chain reactions through muscles and limbs. View details – Product –

Proprioceptive and mechanoreceptive stimuli triggered by the foot orthosis cause reactions along the entire muscle and limb chain. Overloaded structures receive relief.

Two areas of particular benefit with this technology identified in Europe are Pediatrics and Neurological Disorders.

The goal with Pediatrics is to promote children’s activity, coordination and their motor development.

The Neurological Disorders goal is to help patients obtain the greatest possible independence and autonomy in their daily lives. To stand and walk on their own is an important pre-requisite.

Conventional foot orthoses use biomechanical correction to properly secure and take pressure off painful feet. They distribute pressure under the sole of the foot and support passive structures, such as ligaments and bones.

Sensorimotor foot orthoses do even more than this, because they moreover stimulate the foot sole’s sensory receptors, allowing muscles to be stimulated or relaxed and alleviating pain in ailing foot structures.

Pierre Bujold, New Brunswick, has been successful bringing to New Brunswick customer Sensorimotor Springer insoles.